The approach taken in the design process is a proven engineering method, structured to create fully documented designs that are reliable and cost-effective without compromising on flexibility or performance.

Documentation includes installation data, test sheets, user guides, troubleshooting and maintenace guides, and training manuals.

Project management

Managing a project is all about balancing available resources against required tasks. With our hands-on experience we can manage the complex juggling of installation teams, materials, equipment, timeframes and costs in your project. Our online project management system allows interactive collaboration between everyone involved in the project.

Technical audits

If you need an existing installation documented, or evaluated, or a customer requests a system upgrade or refurbishment, SMYP will perform the testing and documentation of the system, with recommendations for repair or replacement.


If you or your staff need training on audio-visual technologies, techniques or equipment contact SMYP. Courses are available from audio and video basics to advanced subjects such as Acoustics, AV networking, DSP setup, Echo-cancelling and conferencing setup. If you need custom courses, or training on specific equipment don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Problem solving

When it doesn't want to work. When it sounds wrong. When it won't communicate. Or maybe you need an innovative way to install that projector on a glass ceiling.

Whether troubleshooting or innovating SMYP offers you 22 years of audio-visual industy experience, to help solve your problems

Consultation and advice

Need help with any acoustic, audio-visual, lighting, power or data-network engineering? Need to know if something is possible, or viable? Or you have a difficult or unusual requirement that falls outside your experience?


Feel free to contact SMYP for help.