The Company

SMYP is a company aimed at providing engineering services to the Professional Audio-Visual industry. From advice, to design, to project management, setup and troubleshooting the goal is to help clients provide the best solutions to their customers.

SMYP Consulting can also offer clients training services, whether it's getting new staff up to speed on the basics, learning about the intricacies of new products and technologies, or training the end user.

With 22 years of experience in pro-audio, video, electronics and software engineering, Mark Hull is the man to solve your problem. His astonishing insight and brilliant analytical mind combined with solid hands-on savvy make him a valuable asset in creating systems that work, and fixing those that don't.

Having a solid grounding in electronic engineering, and in-depth knowledge of acoustics and lighting has helped Hull solve customers problems during the last 14 years as Technical Manager of EMS Africa. Now having launched his own venture, aptly named Show Me Your Problem Consulting, he is offering his services to all.

He has a strong commitment to sharing knowledge as a form of empowerment. "I believe a person should try and learn at least one new thing a day, and that what you learn should be shared". A natural trainer, his understanding of a subject is apparent in the clarity and simplicity of his explanations.


UNISA ZK Matthews Great Hall: AV System Refurbishment

Client: Shellard Media

Services: System design, Project Management, Training

UNISA Great Hall

Aspire Park Qatar: Outdoor IP Based PA System

Cleint: TechnoQ, Qatar

Services: DSP programming, GUI development

Aspire Park Qatar